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8th November 2018

Cyber Acuity is a security platform that utilises devices, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to deliver real-time identity and access solutions to any venue, space or place. Cyber Acuity are delighted to announce a financing partnership with Tokenport to conduct a digital equity sale for shares in the company. 

Cyber Acuity aggregates over 100 different data points to determine a person’s ability to be granted access to a given space or place. Unlike many other systems, Cyber Acuity does not create a new database that could become a target for cyber criminals. Cyber Acuity protects individual’s data and gives them the ability to share more or less information at each checkpoint. This could be a music gig, airport, sports event or their own home. Cyber Acuity’s proprietary algorithm ‘Confidence’ can check information from dozens of sources without ever copying, storing or moving the raw data, ensuring that people’s private data remains private.

Cyber Acuity has been developing the ‘Confidence’ algorithm via a number of proof of concept events since 2015. In that time, Cyber Acuity has developed relationships with companies such as IBM, HPE and Huawei. In addition, the company has established a research partnership with Cranfield University Electronic Warfare, Cyber and Information department. Early adopter clients being developed include mobile networks, a major international arena group and a government agency. 

Cyber Acuity COO Jonathan Symonds – ‘Since 24th August 2014 the UK terror threat level has not dipped below severe and has been at critical on two separate occasions. We need a paradigm shift in the thinking behind how we tackle increasing threats to individuals at public events. Currently there are lots of disconnected solutions that attempt to mitigate threats but these are often operating in silos and do not provide sufficient real-time information on identity and behaviour. Cyber Acuity offers a unified solution that can manage data inputs from any system or device. We see this becoming the early warning system for venues, places and spaces as the platform authenticates and validates individuals before they reach a point of access.’

Cyber Acuity have assembled a strong founding team with backgrounds in telecoms, investment banking, sports stadia and media, In addition, the company have an outstanding advisory board encompassing representation from UK Government, academia and major stadiums. 

Tokenport co-founder Paul Rigby – ‘Beyond being an essential piece of the security ecosystem, Cyber Acuity also supports stadiums and arenas with delivering an outstanding customer experience. Individuals can craft their own relationship with the venue, the artist, or team. Cyber Acuity have set out to provide confidence in crowds but in reality, it can offer lots more value to any space or place’.

The company draws heavily on both artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide the encrypted value back to the Confidence algorithm. It seemed natural therefore to look to raise funds via the blockchain and a digital equity sale.  

Jonathan Symonds – ‘We’ve been working with a number of technologies that comprise the Cyber Acuity solution for several years now. End-to-end encryption, private blockchains, machine learning and ticketing. Digitizing the raise via a digital equity issuance is a good fit for Cyber Acuity and it is exciting to be one of the early pioneers to raise funds in this way’.

Tokenport will be working alongside Vancouver based Finhaven who will deliver the technical components of the raise. Finhaven provides a digital security platform for a capital raise and for continued maintenance of the issued security tokens. DH Kim, Finhaven CEO - We are excited to be a part of Cyber Acuity's capital raise efforts as a digital security platform in partnership with Tokenport. We want to establish an excellent story of issuing Cyber Acuity's digital securities.

Cyber Acuity are a technology company that have developed a proprietary 

‘Confidence’ algorithm that delivers real-time access, security and identity solutions to venues, places and spaces. The company is raising capital for a share of equity via a private placement to accredited investors.  The company is conducting the raise via a digital equity sale and is being advised by Tokenport. 

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Tokenport provide a bespoke advisory focused on helping companies raise funds via digital security issuances. The company is an Appointed Representative of Met Facilities (MET). MET is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under FCA register no. 587084.

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Finhaven, a company at the forefront of capital markets innovation, is building exchanges for digital securities around the world. They will provide an end-to-end solution for issuing, investing, trading and reporting regulatory compliant digital securities.

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